Forgot Where You Left Your Keys? That's Good + MAPP Reboots?

forgetting.jpegThe Ability of Cannabis
to Enhance Forgetfulness
May Be One of Its
Most Important Virtues

From my latest column in Culture magazine, an entirely new, if not off-the-wall take on why marijuana is beneficial.


car_key.jpgCannabis’ impact on short-term memory is one of its most notable and often criticized attributes. Never mind that it can reduce dependence on opioids, anti-psychotics, insomnia medications and decrease alcohol consumption—forgetting where you left your keys is deemed a greater danger.


As it turns out, not only is forgetting where you left your keys no big deal, it may even be beneficial. New research by Paul Frankland and Blake Richards of the University of Toronto and published in Neuron, a peer reviewed journal for the neuroscience community, concluded that forgetting actually makes us smarter.







ca_new_weed.jpgWith the advent of marijuana legalization in California, everything has changed. From thousands of burgeoning marijuana entrepreneurs to cash starved cities enacting regulations to allow and tax the sale of marijuana to everyone 21 and over and not just medical marijuana patients, it is time to take a new approach in the IE to access to marijuana.


At the MAPP meeting on Wed. Sept. 6 in Moreno Valley, we will be discussing new approaches to improving access with a special emphasis on connecting with both cities and counties that are in process of enacting licensing requirements and regulations. We need to be aware of what is happening and be part of the process so that the licensing requirements, regulations and taxation are reasonable.


The Wed. Sept. 6 MAPP meeting begins at 7:30 p.m. and is held at the Greenview Medical, 22275 Alessandro Blvd, Moreno Valley, CA 92553. Milk, punch and a delicious assortment of cookies will be served.

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