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potleaf_hold_world.gif 2_hours_world_peace_w_pic.jpgThe Case for
Marijuana &
World Peace


socializaton.jpgThe socialization aspects of cannabis are one of its most important, but least understood usages. That cannabis calms people down, makes them more amenable to all situations and is capable of defusing even the most hostile of circumstances is legendary.


This remarkable ability of marijuana to relax, soothe and promote congeniality is applicable to more than just individual social situations. Its potential to improve outcomes on the world political stage is gargantuan.


wolrd_politcal_state.jpgCan marijuana actually make political negotiations more likely to succeed? Can it bring disparate parties together to form a common bond and reach agreements to defuse crisis situations where hundreds of thousands if not millions of lives hang in the balance?


Hashish, a concentrated and potent form of cannabis, provides a viable answer.


Hashish originated in Arabia at least a thousand years ago. It is so Arabic that the word hashish derives from the Arabic word for “grass.”


arabs_smoke_hiash.gifFrom the legendary tales of One Thousand and One Arabian Nights to the incendiary Satanic Verses, hash was de rigueur in Arab society. Many social interactions involved either consuming hash as an edible or smoking hash. Hookahs were common and ornate and were perfect to use for the communal consumption of hashish. One of the reasons postulated for the former perfusion of cannabis use in the Middle East is because alcohol is forbidden to adherents of Islam


sunni_vs_shitie.jpgAlthough the redrawing of national boundaries in the Middle East at the end of World War I has led to many of today’s problems, the fact remains that Sunnis have been quarreling viciously with Shiites for some fifteen hundred years along with various incursions by Christian nations stirring up the pot even more.


What has changed that these internecine problems are no longer constrained? Why has all-hell broken out over the last 50 or so years? One major change could be attributable to the status of hashish in the Middle East.


great_satan.gifRecent orthodox Islamic leaders have uncharacteristically accepted the Great Satan’s reefer madness ideology and deemed cannabis an intoxicant or haram and forbidden its use. Enacted into criminal law as well as religious decrees, the use of hashish has significantly decreased during the same time that the horrors of intolerance and civil war have exploded in the Middle East. Is it a coincidence or is there a connection?


As any regular cannabis consumer will tell you, there is a more than a kernel of truth to the idea that if the Sunnis and Shiites shared a hookah brimming with hash before sitting down for peace negotiations, maybe the legendary ability of marijuana to calm, ameliorate, broaden perspective and induce tolerance might lead to a breakthrough in understanding and compromise. Hard to see how it could make things any worse.


Although the Israeli/Palestine conflict is relatively new, if hashish consumption could reduce the friction between different segments of Arabic societies as it did in the past, then marijuana could even provide concrete help in this intractable imbroglio. With death and destruction plaguing the Middle East from Egypt to Iraq, the problems are so extreme that very potent strains of cannabis would be needed to achieve any kind of breakthrough. Dabbing with concentrates might be just the ticket.


diagram.jpgA simple and cost-effective experiment would be to provide and promote hash use before any Israeli/Palestine negotiations. If after one year of hash infused negotiations peace has not been achieved then concluding that these problems are so inexorable that even marijuana cannot save them would be justified.


However if the negotiations mitigated with hashish consumption actually bring about peace, then sharing a hookah or a joint at the beginning of all international negotiations whether it be in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Africa or at the United Nations would be part of established diplomatic protocols.


Cannabis for fiber, food,
fuel, medicine, recreation


While Riverside County plows ahead with developing commercial marijuana regulations, San Bernardino County has firmly buried its head in the sand. In stark contrast the City of San Bernardino, the seat of SB County government, is plunging full speed ahead as a result of an initiative passed last year by the voters of this beleaguered and bankrupt city.

cicio.jpgWill the City of San Bernardino have dispensaries open by Jan. 1, 2018? Will they be conveniently located? Where will cultivation take place? Will there be businesses manufacturing edibles and concentrates? Find out just what is happening from our featured speaker William Cioci who has worked with several San Bernardino City Council members on this most delicate issue and has spoken before the SB City Council more times then he can probably remember. Join William in an energetic discussion about the tangled history of the city's initiative, what the initiative will do, the progress being made to make it happen and the timeline for its implementation.

The implications of the passage of a resolution by the California Democratic Party calling on cities and counties to stop banning and start implementing the provisions allowing commercial marijuana businesses will be discussed along with a discussion on how to use the resolution to get San Bernardino County and other recalcitrant local governments to get on Prop. 64's commercial bandwagon.
Find out what is happening in the IE and what is going to be happening at the MAPP meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 6 at 7:30 p.m. The meeting is held at the Greenview Medical Clinic, 22275 Alessandro Blvd, Moreno Valley, CA 92553 Bring a friend and receive a free pocket pipe. Milk, cookies and camaraderie will be served.


Marijuana in the Bible Belt

ga_arrest_mj.jpgWhen it comes to marijuana, living in the south can be very dangerous. Georgia reflects that danger but change is afoot as Atlanta GA decriminalized marijuana possession in October 2017. Leading the charge to reform Georgia's draconian marijuana laws is Peachtree NORML battling for common sense marijuana laws where few dare to tread.


dean_sines.jpgDean Sines is the fearless Deputy Director of Peachtree NORML and has been involved for years working to end marijuana prohibition. On this special segment of Marijuana Compassion and Common Sense, Dean speaks out about the current law in GA today, the political environment regarding changing the law, NORML's role in Atlanta's recent decriminalization of marijuana, the ease of finding and the quality of marijuana in Georgia, what is being done to change the law, what Peachtree NORML is up to and a few more intriguing tidbits about life in the deep south.


Listen to the award winning podcast of Marijuana Compassion and Common Sense at and find out how marijuana legalization is changing the political landscape in the south and is helping bridge the cultural gap between north and south. It’s on right now –  CLICK HERE to listen.

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