The Little Old Lady from Pasadena at Sat. Dec. 5 MAPP meet

liz2.jpgLiz McDuffie - meet the new       Little Old Lady From Pasadena helping health care facilities mj_hospital_bedside-page-001-1.jpg provide cannabis to patients at 1 p.m. Sat. Dec. 5 virtual MAPP meet

Although Jan and Dean were not singing about Liz McDuffie when they recorded their classic song "The Little Old Lady from Pasadena" in 1964, it is interesting to note that if they had known Liz, they certainlylittle_old_layd_jan_and_dean.jpg might have been referring to her. In 1967 Jan & Dean reworked the lyrics from "The Little Old Lady from Pasadena" renaming the track "The Little Old Lady from Tijuana." Released as a single that same year, the lyrics now contained thinly-veiled references to marijuana use. (To read the lyrics CLICK HERE even better to hear Jan & Dean sing them CLICK HERE).

When it comes to marijuana Liz McDuffie is certainly the new "Little Old Lady from Pasadena." Liz is the founder and director of Medical Cannabis Caregivers, an organization dedicated to producing and distributing medical cannabis information and also the mcc-page-001.jpgfounder of the Landmark Research Collective, California’s first clinical teaching dispensary for Complementary and Alternative (CAM) Practitioners specializing in cannabis therapeutics. Both are located in Pasadena and have contributed significantly to the implementation of medical cannabis programs in California. In 2018 the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) approved her class on Senate Bill 94 “Licensing Exemption” for Licensees of Health Care Facilities which is currently being offered under the CDSS Continuing Education Program for Licensing Re-certification.

Liz's presentation at the Sat. Dec. 5 virtual MAPP meet will focus on new issues relating to cannabis for medicinal uses and how to use current California law to allow for the distribution of medical cannabis at health care facilities from hospitals to hospices.

Liz has worked to not just educate and advance medical cannabis programs, but was the operator of one of Pasadena's first medical cannabis dispensaries. She also operated a medical cannabis educational and doctor's recommendation facility in Las Vegas at the time the "sin city" first began to allow medical marijuana distribution.

Liz serves on the Advisory Board for the National Institute of Health (NIH) Study of Cannabis Use Among Adults in Los Angeles County.  Additionally she serves as a Software Producer for HIPAA Compliant electronic Medical Record Platforms for physicians and dispensary operators.

Liz is currently working on the development of programs for Health Care Facilities to provide cannabis based medicines to their clients as provided for under SB 94. willow_creek.jpgWorking with hemp-based health care product manufacturer, Willow Creek Springs, they are collaborating on a pilot study on the safety and efficacy of using hemp-based medications to treat pressure wounds (bed sores) in residential care facilities.

At the virtual MAPP meeting we will also celebrate the passage of the MORE Act by the House of Representatives today with a virtual 420 celebration and discuss what happens next.

liz_teleconference_card2-page-001.jpgThe Sat. Dec. 5 virtual MAPP meeting begins at 1 p.m. and everyone is invited to attend. It is not an internet based virtual meeting, but strictly done on the telephone via No cameras so you can truly attend just as you are. To join the virtual meeting and meet with the new Little Old Lady from Pasadena and get the latest updates on the MORE Act, call 701-802-5390 and enter access code 2545046#.





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