Riverside BOS Ma & Pa Cultivation Showdown

amercan_potthic-page-001.jpgRiverside BOS to consider Ma & Pa Cultivation License

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With is microbusiness license and limitation on crop size, Prop. 64 provides safe havens for small mom and pop commercial cultivators similar to some of the preferences accorded to small grape vineyards and vintners. Unfortunately, Prop. 64’s total subservience to cities and counties allows them to keep ma and pa from growing commercially or participating in of the state permitted commercial cannabis activities.

ordinance_click_on-page-001.jpgWe have not done much since we stormed the BOS when they were considering passing an ordinance banning all cannabis cultivation including banning medical marijuana patients from cultivating their own medicine. Showing just how much of an effect we can have, our protestations resulted in Riverside County tabling the proposed banning ordinance and eventually enacting the most equitable personal cultivation ordinance in California – 12 plants per person with two people per household for a total of 24 plants grown indoors or outdoors.

This ordinance which has been in effect for three years has worked well for personal growers, county residents and the sheriff’s office.

hoop_grow.jpgNow we need to do the same for the Ma and Pa commercial cultivators this Tuesday, Dec. 10 at the Riverside County Supervisors meeting. They will be considering allowing cultivators in the unincorporated areas of Riverside especially those in the Anza Valley, to commercially cultivate cannabis. To see specifically what is under consideration at the meeting CLICK HERE.

sheriff_arrest.jpgThe growers in Anza have been growing exceptional cannabis for decades. It is time to bring them out of hiding and end their fear of the Monday Morning Marijuana Madness raids by squadrons of Sheriff deputies who have far more important duties then raiding small cultivators.

It is time to allow the cannabis cultivators of Anza to use their legendary skills to provide cannabis to the public safely, reliably, locally and most importantly affordably. Make Anza the Cannabis Appellation Capital of California.

3_things.jpgThere are 3 things you can do, but they need to be done now – two very easy ones and one that will take a bit more time.

The first easy one: Sign the Petition to let Supervisor Chuck Washington (whose District includes Anza) that residents living on Rural Residential (RR) and Rural Agricultural (RA) land should be able to cultivate cannabis commercially. To sign the petition, CLICK HERE or go to: www.highcountrygrowers.org

grandma_phone.gifThe second easy one: This is best done on Monday, Dec. 9 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., but can be done after that date as well.

Call your local county Supervisor and tell him or her to allow residents in Anza living on RR or RA zoned properties to be allowed to commercially cultivate cannabis.

If you do not know the Riverside County District you live in CLICK HERE or go to: https://www.voteinfo.net/electiondatalookup

Type in the info and you will get not only your county supervisorial district, but your Congressional District, Assembly District and all the other elected government offices and agencies that you vote for – its interesting. Foremost, find your supervisor district from the list below and then call you supervisor at their phone number in the following list:

riv_co_bos_shield.pngFirst District – Kevin Jeffries - 951-955-1010

Second District - Karen Spiegel - 951-955-1020

Third District – Chuck Washington - 951-955-1030

Fourth District – Manuel Perez - 951-955-1040

Fifth District – Jeff Hewitt – 951-955-1050

When your call is answer tell them you live in their district (they may ask for your address to verify that you do) and then say you want them to vote to allow residents in Anza living on RR or RA zoned property to be able to commercially cultivate cannabis. That’s all you have to say –from dialing the number to leaving the message should take less then 60 seconds so give Ma and Pa one minute of your time so that they can grow and sell quality cannabis to cannabis tourists visiting them on their property or to licensed cannabis businesses.

rivco_admini_bldg.jpgThe 3rd is little more time consuming: If you have the time, come to the Riverside County Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, December 10 at 9 a.m. in the Council Chambers on the first floor of the Riverside County Administration Bldg. at 4080 Lemon St., Riverside CA 92501.

bos_meet.jpgJoin with the folks from Anza who will be at the meeting to address the BOS about the need to let them cultivate cannabis. The BOS need to see that there are lots and lots of people from all over the County who want to allow cannabis cultivation in these areas.

ANZA_bos_meet_notice-page-001.jpgSet your alarm, write on your calendar but on Monday, Dec. 9 please make that telephone call. Don't underestimate the value of 60 seconds of your time. Your call is extremely important. This issue is contentious and consequently your call is critical. Whether you go to the BOS meeting on Tuesday or not, please make the call.






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