MAPP Receives Veterans Award


You are invited to attend the Veterans for Peace Memorial Day ceremonies and award luncheon on Monday, May 31

I am proud to announce that the Marijuana Anti-Prohibition Project has been selected to receive the Veterans for Peace “Outstanding Organization of the Year Award.” From working with VA Hospitals to lobbying local, state and national officials, MAPP has worked diligently over the years to facilitate safe and easy access for cannabis for our veterans.

At the award ceremonies we will be announcing the start-up of our program to provide free cannabis to veterans. Beginning in mid-June, we will be working with Veterans for Peace to enroll eligible veterans, Bloom Networks to provide free cannabis and the 420Bank to distribute free cannabis to veterans who benefit from its use. We will be signing veterans up for the program at the event.

Below is a special invitation from Tom Hernandez, President of Veterans for Peace, inviting all MAPP supporters to attend the Memorial Day Ceremonies on Monday May 31, 2021 at 10:00 AM to be held at Desert Memorial Park, 31-705 Da Vall Drive, Cathedral City followed by the 15th Annual MEMORIAL DAY AWARDS LUNCHEON from 12:00 Noon to 2:00 p.m. at Nicolino’s Italian Restaurant, 35-325 Date Palm Drive, Suite 111, Cathedral City CA.

In addition to MAPP’s recognition, awards will also be presented to Bishop Paul Breton and Palm Springs City Council member Lisa Middleton. Please see Tom’s special invitation below.


A Special Invitation to the Supporters of the Marijuana Anti-Prohibition Project

by Tom Hernandez

Veteran, United States Marine Corps President, Veterans for Peace

VA_awards-page-001-2.jpgOn behalf of our veterans, I want to cordially invite you to attend our 15th annual Memorial Day Awards Luncheon on Monday May 31 at 12 Noon in Cathedral City. This year we are so pleased to present the “Outstanding Organization of the Year Award” to MAPP. Several years ago we honored Lanny Swerdlow and now we are honoring the fine organization he leads. We want you to please attend this luncheon and receive the recognition you deserve.

For many years our government that was created to protect our liberty waged a war against people who used cannabis. As military veterans we know how horrific a war is especially when it is against our own citizens. The war on cannabis launched by late President Richard Nixon that lasts even until today in many states is a disgrace.

What is remarkable is that MAPP courageously and with great perseverance launched a strong tide of resistance against the war on cannabis. You educated both elected officials and the public to realize this war was wrong. You transformed people’s attitudes and behaviors. You made it legal and safe to use cannabis. You are true patriots who have changed our country for the better.

book_cover_ad-page-001.jpgAs a military veteran with PTSD, I have to thank you for making it legal and safe for me to use cannabis to effectively treat my medical condition. Thousands if not millions of veterans like me are so grateful for your endurance and hard work to help us receive the medical benefits of cannabis. The benefits of cannabis would not be a reality for many veterans if MAPP had quit the cause at the first obstacle. You overcame numerous stubborn hurdles and roadblocks and you won for all of us.

VFP salutes MAPP. Our luncheon is very affordable with a sliding scale for low-income residents. Please come to our luncheon and receive the appreciation and gratefulness we want to bestow upon you. Thank You.

Tom Swann Hernandez

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