Marijuana's Magic Mountain


roller_coaster.jpgHold on to your seats – we are in for one hell-of-a roller coaster ride. From court challenges to the defacto bans on the local level to enacting the rules and regulations that will make the sale of marijuana legal on the state level to legislation to make California a ganja sanctuary state, the action is hot, challenging, exciting and simply amazing.


Whoever would have ever thought just a few years ago, that marijuana law reform would become part of the national controversies that are sweeping the nation? Well it is happening and we are so fortunate to live at a time where you and I can be part of it.


pharmacy.jpgTogether we are a critical and integral part of for once and for ever making marijuana accessible locally, reliably, safely and affordably just like it was when our grandparents and great-grandparents could saunter on down to the corner pharmacy and buy all the cannabis they wanted OVER-THE-COUNTER.


anslinger.jpgThere are forces out there that wield considerable power and agree with Harry Anslinger that the “primary reason to outlaw marijuana is its effect on the degenerate races,” so if you want the day to come when you can just saunter on down to the store again and buy good quality cannabis at reasonable prices, now is the time to get involved again or if you have never been at the frontlines – time to step up.


Whether you chose to or even have the time to participate in any of the actions listed below, it is truly amazing to read about all that is happening. These are truly remarkable, albeit somewhat unsettling times. OK - here's some ACTIONS you can undertake – some while you are sitting on your couch smoking or not smoking pot and others that you are going to have to get off the couch, out of the house and meet, carouse and work with good people just like yourself.


MAPP_Logo.jpgACTION 1 – if you are in the area, come to the MAPP meetings in Moreno Valley, Palm Springs and Joshua Tree this week and join with other concerned citizens to learn what is happening and how, when and where to take action. For information for topics to be covered and guest speakers CLICK HERE.


calif_mj_leaf.jpgACTION 2 – Write your legislator asking him or her to support AB 1578 and make California a GANJA SANCTUARY STATE. It’s easy to do, just CLICK HERE.


caucus.jpgACTION 3 – There are a litany of Congressional Caucuses, from the Congressional Coal Caucus to the Congressional Caucus for Women's Issues to the Congressional Second Amendment Caucus. Just formed last week is a Congressional Cannabis Caucus – YES THERE ACTUALLY IS SUCH A CREATURE and it’s more than just a bunch of legislators in the backroom smoking joints instead of cigars. To learn more about the CCC and to get your congressional representative to join the two esteemed Democrats and two esteemed Republicans that formed it CLICK HERE.


twain.jpgACTION 4 – Use to be our legislators wouldn’t even talk about marijuana – now they won’t shut up about it. An astounding 44 bills have been introduced into the California state legislature regulating everything from taxes to advertising to distribution. Mark Twain wrote “No man's life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session” – so to find out how your life, liberty and cannabis will be affected by your elected state legislators, CLICK HERE.


peenacup.jpgACTION 5 – HJR 42 was passed two weeks ago rescinding President Obama’s executive order banning the drug testing of most unemployment insurance applicants. This pee-in-a-cup restoration legislation was almost a totally party line vote. To learn more about it, to see who wants to provide tens of millions of tax dollars to pee-testing companies and how you can send a message with a Colbert tip-of-the-hat for those who opposed repealing the ban and a-wag-of-the-finger to those who supported its repeal CLICK HERE.


420_club_button.jpgACTION 6 – Help MAPP continue to educate and activate on all of the above and more by joining our 420 Club and generously donating $4.20/month (14¢/day). To become an exceptional member of this elite club CLICK HERE. If you are not quite prepared to join, you can make a one-time only donation if you CLICK HERE.


ACTION 7- Do as many of actions 1 – 6 as you can.


roller_coaster2.jpgLike the click click click sound of a roller coaster going up the first steep incline of one of Magic Mountain’s death defying rides, the sound of your mouse clicking on the ACTION links above will take you on the ride of your life as you plunge through the twists and turns and loops of what could be one of the most thrilling and significant journeys of your life.


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