THCF Farewell Party & Cannabis Celebration


farewell2.jpgthcf.jpgCome One - Come All
Join Us For One Last
Time at the THCF Clinic

124_0356.JPGThe closing of THCF Medical this month marks the end of an era. When the clinic first opened, it was still in the early years of SB 420 and doctor offices and clinics were just beginning to open up in the IE. It was a very exciting time.


001.JPGUp until then all MAPP meetings were taking place at the Cathedral City library, but once MAPP started meeting at the THCF Clinic in Riverside, the number of people attending the meeting increased. In those heady days, SB 420 was still new and no one really knew what it meant or how to comply with it. Lot of guesswork and wishful thinking.


staff_pic.jpgAlthough there were two doctor offices in the Coachella Valley there were none in the IE. The closest one was in east LA County. When the clinic opened, the Press Enterprise sent a reporter to cover the opening day.  To see the original article torn from the PE CLICK HERE.


124_0354.JPGAfter about four months and the clinic continuing to operate and not get shut down or even harassed, other doctor’s offices began to open up, but it was only THCF that was involved in the movement. All the others it was just about making money writing recs.


dinner_crowd.JPGBack when THCF opened, there was only a handful of mmj states and the idea of legalization was for most not even on the horizon. It’s kind of “fittin” that the closing of THCF comes just after California passed Prop. 64 and three other states passed legalization initiatives too bringing it to a total of eight states and DC. Even more “fittin” is that 28 states now having legalized medical marijuana as well.


DSCN1621.JPGTo look back one more time and to venerate the eight years of operation of THCF, the MAPP meeting this Wed. Dec. 7 will be a THCF FAREWELL PARTY.  It is a very appropriate and a good way to bid a fond adieu to the old era and welcome in the new era as anxiety arousing as it may be.


P1000964.JPGThis is going to be a chance for all of us to get together one last time at the location that meant so much to so many. This is going to be a fun and festive evening featuring a trip down memory lane with artifacts, memorabilia and more.


desserts.jpgWe are going to have a dessert bar with ice cream, cookies and pecan pie. Coffee, milk and punch will be available. If you would like to bring a dessert to share, that would be wonderful. However, only non-medicated desserts please – don’t want anyone overdosing please.


cannabis_friendly.jpgEven though we are taking a pass on medicated desserts, this is a cannabis friendly event. Feel free to bring your favorite cannabis to enjoy and share.


dj.jpgThere will be door prizes, a 50-50 raffle, DJ Elmo Green spinning music and some short speeches and presentations. It will be a fun evening that is not to be missed.


P1000905.JPGCome on down and say goodbye to THCF and enjoy the reunion/remembrance It’s all happening this Wednesday, Dec. 7 beginning at 7:30 p.m. at the THCF Medical Clinic, 647 Main St. Unit 4D, Riverside 92501. See you there one more time!

MAPP meetings will continue at a new location to be announced at the Farewell Party.



victorville.jpgvictorvillege_logo.jpgVICTORVILLE MEETNG?


Although some might think that with Prop. 64 passing, the game is almost over, but it is not. Now more than even we must organize to make sure Prop. 64 is implemented fairly, reasonably and rationally on not just the state level, but the local level too.


We use to meet in the Victorville/Hesperia/Phelan area a couple years ago and it would be a good idea now to resume those meetings. We need to locate a place to meet. If a small meeting rental fee is required, that can be handled


If anyone knows of a possible location in that area, please send an email to [email protected] or call 760-799-2055.

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