Famed attorney guest at Sat. Mar. 6 virtual MAPP meet


margolin2a.jpgFrom Timothy Leary    to Linda Lovelace,  cannabis attorney Bruce Margolin has seen it all

margolinmeet-page-001.jpgBruce Margolin, the guest speaker at the Sat. March 6 MAPP meeting, is one of the leading cannabis attorneys having provided legal services for over 50 years. From criminal law to today’s new legal business environment, Bruce has defended and litigated more cannabis cases then any other attorney.

margolinlarge-page-001.jpgAt the Saturday, March 6 virtual MAPP meeting at 1 p.m. Bruce will review the highlights of his illustrious career and use his decades of cannabis legal experience to examine California’s cannabis licensing system, the development of on-site consumption lounges and a very nuanced and invigorating look at the development of a cottage cannabis industry which would allow those who want to grow to earn some extra dollars to do so paying only income and sales taxes and not needing to be part of the current overly-complex regulation system which requires tens of  thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars, in order to participate.

margolinmeet-page-001.jpgThe Saturday, March 6 virtual MAPP meeting at 1 p.m. is free and done entirely on the phone – no need for a computer, internet connection, camera and all the other Internet paraphernalia needed to attend a virtual meeting. The MAPP virtual meeting is free and truly come as you are. To hear and speak with attorney Margolin this Sat. March 6 at 1 p.m. call 701-802-5390 and enter the access code 2545046#.


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