A Holistic Outreach to Veterans at Sat. Feb. 6 MAPP Virtual Meeting

Two veterans’ organization that promote the use of cannabis as part of their programs providing health services to veterans will be featured at the 1 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 6 virtual MAPP meeting.

mapp_feb_21_meet-page-001-2.jpgA Future for Veterans Foundation is developing a program called SPACE (Safe, Predictable, Affordable, Collegiate Environments) to empower veterans in the development of their mental and physical well being by providing housing, education, job assistance and peer support counseling to military veterans.

Veterans Walk and Talk is a community of veterans who advocate for outdoor and psychedelic therapy utilizing exercise, cannabis, psychedelics and community to enable veterans to take control of their health journey.

AlexDeLaCampaJr.jpgAlex De La Campa, the founder of A Future for Veterans Foundation will discuss how his organization ensures that charities like Veterans Walk and Talk and Operation Evac have a fiscal 501c3 sponsor for their hikes and peer support groups. His presentation will include information on veterans' transitional housing programs as well as their work with the tech community in the development of AI to facilitate veteran reintegration. 

collin.jpgA veteran of Afghanistan having served in the Army Infantry, Colin Wells is the founder of Veterans Walk and Talk. Formed in 2016, there are now VWAT chapters all over the country. Facilitating psychedelic and cannabis medicines for VWAT members, he will be discussing their cannabis related programs that employ and empower veterans in the legal cannabis space, enhance wellness programs and relate personal anecdotes that illuminate how cannabis benefits veterans on many different levels.

luna.jpgLuna Stower, CEO/Founder of Luna Stower Marketing, LLC will share her experience as a liaison helping to provide cannabis to veterans utilizing SB34 and Prop. 64 via the Bloom Network's Compassion Program, Fiorello Brands' partnership with A Future for Vets and Jetty Extracts Shelter Project for Cancer Patients. 

mapp_feb_21_meet-page-001-2.jpgThe Saturday, Feb. 6 virtual MAPP meeting at 1 p.m. is free and done entirely on the phone – no need for a computer, internet connection, camera and all the other Internet paraphernalia needed to attend a virtual meeting. The MAPP virtual meeting is truly come as you are. To hear and speak with Alex, Collin and Luna this Sat. Feb. 6 at 1 p.m. call 701-802-5390 and enter the access code 2545046#.

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