You Haven't Voted? Join the crowd


Have you voted? If you haven’t, then join the crowd as voter turnout for the March 5, 2024 primary election is dismal. Your vote is important and with so few people voting, it is even more important. Besides if you don’t vote, your vote isn’t important at all.

If you haven’t voted, dig out that mail-in ballot you received, fill-it out, put in the envelope, seal it and be sure and sign it on the back or it won’t be counted – then deposit in any mailbox – it is postage paid – that’s how important your vote is.

If you need information on who to vote for regarding candidates favorable to cannabis issues, you can access CaNORML’s voter guide by CLICKING HERE.

elizabeth_tucker.jpgOne other personal suggestion - if you live in Riverside County, for the office of Judge of the Superior Court, vote for Elizabeth Tucker. I had the opportunity to question her and her answers regarding the War on Drugs and cannabis legalization were right on target.

i_voted.pngDon't put it off another second - find that ballot and VOTE!!!

psilocybin.jpgSPECIAL NOTE: For those of you who were not able to attend Terry Turner’s zoom seminar on Psilocybin, it is now available for viewing – just CLICK HERE. When the video loads, click on the picture to begin playing it.

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